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Encore Legal Pty Ltd


P: 6103 1620


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A: Suite 21, 443 Albany Highway,

Vic Park WA 6100


Your lawyer needs to be a part of your business support team. Rather than waiting for things to go wrong, introduce your staff to resources that can be on call to support them in their roles.


You can contact Encore Legal Pty Ltd for contractual advice at any time by phone, email, or fax and we can give that advice over the phone, by email or in person at your convenience in your own office where your people and your documents are located.


We provide contractual advice and support through:


  • Tender and contract reviews

  • Contract preparation

  • Claims advice and assessment

  • Advice on contractual disputes


To arrange a no-obligation ‘meet ‘n’ greet’ with your contracts staff, please contact us.


For more contact details and information on our key personnel, click here.