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Disputes are costly and disruptive. Encore Legal Pty Ltd understands that you need to resolve disputes as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Our rates are extremely competitive because we don't have the overheads of most law firms. We keep it simple so we can keep it cost-effective. Because of the efficiencies in our service provision model, even law firms engage us to assist their clients in preparing adjudication applications and responses, due to the very tight deadlines and the need to be intimately familiar with the process.


We also represent clients in all industry relevant jurisdictions including:


  • Mediations and Conciliations

  • Adjudication

  • Arbitration and Expert Determination

  • The Building Commission

  • State Administrative Tribunal

  • Magistrates Court

  • District Court

  • Supreme Court

  • Federal Court


If you want representation from lawyers who understand that dispute resolution needs to be undertaken commercially and pragmatically, contact us.


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